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=== Software ===
Software lets you install and update applications and system extensions.
For GNOME 3.10:
* Aim for feature parity with gnome-packagekit
* Focus on update experience
* Always update offline (including security updates)
* Never wait on downloads in the application
* Search for available applications
* May not have screenshots, ratings and other metadata for the installation part
* The only metadata we absolutely want to have is icons
gnome-software is split into a service, gnome-software-service, and
a launcher, gnome-software. Normally, the service is autostarted at
login to monitor available updates, and the laucher will simply call
into the service and cause it to open a window.
During development, you can kill the currently running instance of
the service, and lauch your version manually:
killall gnome-software-service
To open a window, you can run the launcher in another terminal, e.g.:
gnome-software --search fox
[![Build Status](](
# Software
[Software]( lets you install and update applications and system extensions.
A plugin system is used to access software from different sources.
Plugins are provided for:
- Traditional package installation via PackageKit (e.g. Debian package, RPM).
- Next generation packages: [Flatpak](, [Snap]( and [Limba](
- Firmware updates.
- Ratings and reviews ([ODRS]( and Ubuntu reviews).
- [Steam]( games.
Software supports showing metadata that closely matches the [AppStream]( format.
Software runs as a background service to provide update notifications and be a search provider for [GNOME Shell](
# Building
Build locally with:
$ meson --prefix $PWD/install build/
$ ninja -C build/ all install
$ killall gnome-software
$ XDG_DATA_DIRS=install/share:$XDG_DATA_DIRS ./install/bin/gnome-software
# Debugging
Running with `--verbose` will give detailed logging information.
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ gs_plugin_api_version = '11'
conf.set_quoted('GS_PLUGIN_API_VERSION', gs_plugin_api_version)
# install docs
install_data('README', install_dir : 'share/doc/gnome-software')
install_data('', install_dir : 'share/doc/gnome-software')
# get suported warning flags
test_args = [
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