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Make layout lists more ordered

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......@@ -10,41 +10,67 @@ use std::iter::FromIterator;
// TODO: keep a list of what is a language layout,
// and what a convenience layout. "_wide" is not a layout,
// neither is "number"
/// List of builtin layouts
const KEYBOARDS: &[(*const str, *const str)] = &[
// layouts: us must be left as first, as it is the,
// fallback layout. The others should be alphabetical.
// fallback layout.
("us", include_str!("../data/keyboards/us.yaml")),
("us+colemak", include_str!("../data/keyboards/us+colemak.yaml")),
("us_wide", include_str!("../data/keyboards/us_wide.yaml")),
("br", include_str!("../data/keyboards/br.yaml")),
("de", include_str!("../data/keyboards/de.yaml")),
// Language layouts: keep alphabetical.
("be", include_str!("../data/keyboards/be.yaml")),
("be_wide", include_str!("../data/keyboards/be_wide.yaml")),
("bg", include_str!("../data/keyboards/bg.yaml")),
("br", include_str!("../data/keyboards/br.yaml")),
("de", include_str!("../data/keyboards/de.yaml")),
("de_wide", include_str!("../data/keyboards/de_wide.yaml")),
("cz", include_str!("../data/keyboards/cz.yaml")),
("cz_wide", include_str!("../data/keyboards/cz_wide.yaml")),
("cz+qwerty", include_str!("../data/keyboards/cz+qwerty.yaml")),
("cz+qwerty_wide", include_str!("../data/keyboards/cz+qwerty_wide.yaml")),
("dk", include_str!("../data/keyboards/dk.yaml")),
("epo", include_str!("../data/keyboards/epo.yaml")),
("es", include_str!("../data/keyboards/es.yaml")),
("fi", include_str!("../data/keyboards/fi.yaml")),
("fr", include_str!("../data/keyboards/fr.yaml")),
("fr_wide", include_str!("../data/keyboards/fr_wide.yaml")),
("it+fur", include_str!("../data/keyboards/it+fur.yaml")),
("gr", include_str!("../data/keyboards/gr.yaml")),
("it", include_str!("../data/keyboards/it.yaml")),
("it+fur", include_str!("../data/keyboards/it+fur.yaml")),
("jp+kana", include_str!("../data/keyboards/jp+kana.yaml")),
("jp+kana_wide", include_str!("../data/keyboards/jp+kana_wide.yaml")),
("no", include_str!("../data/keyboards/no.yaml")),
("number", include_str!("../data/keyboards/number.yaml")),
("pl", include_str!("../data/keyboards/pl.yaml")),
("pl_wide", include_str!("../data/keyboards/pl_wide.yaml")),
("ru", include_str!("../data/keyboards/ru.yaml")),
("se", include_str!("../data/keyboards/se.yaml")),
("th", include_str!("../data/keyboards/th.yaml")),
("ua", include_str!("../data/keyboards/ua.yaml")),
("bg", include_str!("../data/keyboards/bg.yaml")),
("us+colemak", include_str!("../data/keyboards/us+colemak.yaml")),
// Others
("number", include_str!("../data/keyboards/number.yaml")),
// layout+overlay
("terminal", include_str!("../data/keyboards/terminal.yaml")),
("terminal_wide", include_str!("../data/keyboards/terminal_wide.yaml")),
......@@ -46,12 +46,21 @@ endforeach
# The layout test is in the examples directory
# due to the way Cargo builds executables
# and the need to call it manually
# and the need to call it manually.
# This is the list of tested builtin layouts.
# Please keep each block alphabetical!
# Please keep shapes (with _) on the same line,
# variants (with +) on separate lines.
foreach layout : [
'us', 'us+colemak', 'us_wide',
# This is the fallback layout,
# so stays first to make sure it never goes missing.
'us', 'us_wide',
# Block: Languages
'be', 'be_wide',
'cz', 'cz_wide',
'cz+qwerty', 'cz+qwerty_wide',
'de', 'de_wide',
......@@ -60,20 +69,22 @@ foreach layout : [
'fr', 'fr_wide',
'pl', 'pl_wide',
'terminal', 'terminal_wide',
# Block: Not languages.
'terminal', 'terminal_wide',
extra = []
if layout == 'emoji'
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