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    • Dorota Czaplejewicz's avatar
      visibility: Stop calling GTK functions from the visibility manager · 0c179560
      Dorota Czaplejewicz authored
      The viibility manager state is changed from various handlers, which are not guaranteed to be reentrant, most notably the Wayland handler for preedit done.
      As the state is changed, relevant requests to synchronize user-visible UI are fired from the same handler.
      In case of imservice_handle_done, GTK widget show function was being called, which triggered another round of handling Wayland, leading to the done handler being called again, and flaking out.
      To solve this, the phase of issuing commands needs to be separate from adjusting desired state. It seems that the easiest solution is to delay the show() and hide() calls into the next GTK main loop spin.
      A better solution would probably inject itself directly after the change of desired state, so that *all* the side effects are delayed.
    • Dorota Czaplejewicz's avatar
      imservice: Increment serials on receiving done, not sending commit · 3cbfd835
      Dorota Czaplejewicz authored
      No idea how that managed to stay undetected for so long.
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    • Dorota Czaplejewicz's avatar
      tests: Prefer the env var for finding test layouts · 9dcc4c98
      Dorota Czaplejewicz authored
      The builtin file path is embedded in the binary and subject to substitution, which makes it invalid when trying to build a .deb reproducibly.
      Out of the two solutions, it's easier to make the change here rather than customize .debu building not to run tests reproducibly.
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    • Arnaud Ferraris's avatar
      keyboards: add wide terminal layout · 6871452c
      Arnaud Ferraris authored
      This is a copy of the `terminal` layout with modified key dimensions to 
      fit a wide arrangement.
    • Arnaud Ferraris's avatar
      keyboards: add wide Belgian layout · 192824be
      Arnaud Ferraris authored
      This is a copy of the `be` layout with modified key dimensions to fit a 
      wide arrangement.
    • Arnaud Ferraris's avatar
      keyboards: add wide French layout · 938d3c33
      Arnaud Ferraris authored
      This is a copy of the `fr` layout with modified key dimensions to fit a 
      wide arrangement.
    • Arnaud Ferraris's avatar
      server-context-service: optimize height calculation · 9dd67ad2
      Arnaud Ferraris authored
      Even though proper size management is being worked on, this patch
      proposes a simple and easily revertable solution to device-dependent
      sizing issues.
      First, it provides different calculations based on the display
      orientation. In landscape mode, this allows us to have a sensible
      keyboard size while leaving enough screen estate for apps to be able to
      display useful information.
      Then, it gets rid of the weird calculation for display widths between
      360 and 540px. While having some continuity is a pleasant idea, in the
      real world in doesn't work, as shown by port attempts to other devices:
      a 480x800 display (scale 1) would show an unusable 190px-high keyboard
      (about half the size of the Librem 5 on-screen keyboard on a device I
      Finally, this commit makes sure we never use a hardcoded size.
      Tested on the PinePhone, PineTab and Librem 5.
      Note: Current behavior is preserved on the L5 in portrait mode, but
      keyboard is a bit smaller in landscape mode; this is deliberate, as it
      was previously using too much space (causing some apps, such as chatty,
      to be unusable).