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Fix doc.

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......@@ -52,12 +52,12 @@ clutter_group_add (CLUTTER_GROUP(stage),
configuration directly (without libxklavier), you will only need to
replace eek_xkl_layout_new () with eek_xkb_layout_new().</para>
<para>To achieve the portability between different UI toolkits,
<para>To achieve portability across different UI toolkits,
there is a seperate represention of keyboard elements apart from
the actual UI widgets. For example, a keyboard is represented as a tree of
#EekElement -- #EekKeyboard contains one or more #EekSection's and
#EekSection contains one or more #EekKey's. Each element can relay
events when user taps on the UI widget.</para>
#EekSection contains one or more #EekKey's. Each element may emit
events when user pushes the corresponding UI widget.</para>
Here is another sample code which demonstrates logical events on
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