Commit 5a408104 authored by Paul Beesley's avatar Paul Beesley Committed by TrustedFirmware Code Review
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Merge "Beautify "make help"" into integration

parents bac571ac 7c23126c
......@@ -945,11 +945,13 @@ cscope:
${Q}cscope -b -q -k
@echo "usage: ${MAKE} [PLAT=<platform>] [OPTIONS] [TARGET]"
@echo ""
@echo "PLAT is used to specify which platform you wish to build."
@echo "If no platform is specified, PLAT defaults to: ${DEFAULT_PLAT}"
@echo ""
@echo "platform = ${PLATFORM_LIST}"
@echo ""
@echo "Please refer to the User Guide for a list of all supported options."
@echo "Note that the build system doesn't track dependencies for build "
@echo "options. Therefore, if any of the build options are changed "
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