Commit 74eaf266 authored by John Tsichritzis's avatar John Tsichritzis Committed by TrustedFirmware Code Review
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Merge "FVP: Remove GIC initialisation from secondary core cold boot" into integration

parents 0f95565c 9c29e5f7
* Copyright (c) 2013-2017, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (c) 2013-2019, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
......@@ -16,14 +16,6 @@
.globl plat_is_my_cpu_primary
.globl plat_arm_calc_core_pos
.macro fvp_choose_gicmmap param1, param2, x_tmp, w_tmp, res
mov_imm \x_tmp, V2M_SYSREGS_BASE + V2M_SYS_ID
ldr \w_tmp, [\x_tmp]
ubfx \w_tmp, \w_tmp, #V2M_SYS_ID_BLD_SHIFT, #V2M_SYS_ID_BLD_LENGTH
cmp \w_tmp, #BLD_GIC_VE_MMAP
csel \res, \param1, \param2, eq
/* -----------------------------------------------------
* void plat_secondary_cold_boot_setup (void);
......@@ -49,35 +41,6 @@ func plat_secondary_cold_boot_setup
mov_imm x1, PWRC_BASE
str w0, [x1, #PPOFFR_OFF]
/* ---------------------------------------------
* Disable GIC bypass as well
* ---------------------------------------------
/* Check for GICv3 system register access */
mrs x0, id_aa64pfr0_el1
cmp x0, #1 gicv2_bypass_disable
/* Check for SRE enable */
mrs x1, ICC_SRE_EL3
tst x1, #ICC_SRE_SRE_BIT
b.eq gicv2_bypass_disable
mrs x2, ICC_SRE_EL3
orr x2, x2, #(ICC_SRE_DIB_BIT | ICC_SRE_DFB_BIT)
msr ICC_SRE_EL3, x2
b secondary_cold_boot_wait
mov_imm x0, VE_GICC_BASE
mov_imm x1, BASE_GICC_BASE
fvp_choose_gicmmap x0, x1, x2, w2, x1
orr w0, w0, #(IRQ_BYP_DIS_GRP0 | FIQ_BYP_DIS_GRP0)
str w0, [x1, #GICC_CTLR]
/* ---------------------------------------------
* There is no sane reason to come out of this
* wfi so panic if we do. This cpu will be pow-
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