Commit 83314d08 authored by Marek Vasut's avatar Marek Vasut
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rcar_gen3: drivers: qos: D3: Replace ad-hoc register addresses with macros

Replace the remaining ad-hoc register addresses with proper macros.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMarek Vasut <>
Change-Id: If125f0c8ef77ed280107324edaa05f21979a2c27
parent 377ccb7f
......@@ -126,17 +126,17 @@ void qos_init_d3(void)
/* 3DG bus Leaf setting */
io_write_32(0xFD820808U, 0x00001234U);
io_write_32(0xFD820800U, 0x00000000U);
io_write_32(0xFD821800U, 0x00000000U);
io_write_32(0xFD822800U, 0x00000000U);
io_write_32(0xFD823800U, 0x00000000U);
io_write_32(GPU_ACT_GRD, 0x00001234U);
io_write_32(GPU_ACT0, 0x00000000U);
io_write_32(GPU_ACT1, 0x00000000U);
io_write_32(GPU_ACT2, 0x00000000U);
io_write_32(GPU_ACT3, 0x00000000U);
/* RT bus Leaf setting */
io_write_32(0xF1300800U, 0x00000003U);
io_write_32(0xF1340800U, 0x00000003U);
io_write_32(0xFFC50800U, 0x00000000U);
io_write_32(0xFFC51800U, 0x00000000U);
io_write_32(CPU_ACT0, 0x00000003U);
io_write_32(CPU_ACT1, 0x00000003U);
io_write_32(RT_ACT0, 0x00000000U);
io_write_32(RT_ACT1, 0x00000000U);
/* Resource Alloc start */
io_write_32(QOSCTRL_RAEN, 0x00000001U);
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