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Merge "Fix documentation links" into integration

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......@@ -2428,6 +2428,7 @@ releases of TF-A.
.. _Contribution Guide: ./contributing.rst
.. _Authentication framework: ./design/auth-framework.rst
.. _Firmware Update: ./design/firmware-update.rst
.. _Firmware Design: ./design/firmware-design.rst
.. _TF-A Reset Design: ./design/reset-design.rst
.. _Power Domain Topology Design: ./design/psci-pd-tree.rst
.. _TF-A wiki on GitHub:
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ execute the registered handler [10]. The client terminates its execution with
original EL2 execution [13]. Note that the SDEI interrupt remains active until
the client handler completes, at which point EL3 does EOI [12].
Other than events bound to interrupts (as depicted in the sequence above, SDEI
Other than events bound to interrupts, as depicted in the sequence above, SDEI
events can be explicitly dispatched in response to other exceptions, for
example, upon receiving an *SError* or *Synchronous External Abort*. See
`Explicit dispatch of events`_.
......@@ -370,3 +370,4 @@ implemented in assembly, following a similar pattern as below:
.. _SDEI specification:
.. _SDEI porting requirements: ../getting_started/porting-guide.rst#sdei-porting-requirements
.. _Software Delegated Exception Interface: `SDEI specification`_
......@@ -341,8 +341,8 @@ Security advisories
.. _Acknowledgments: ./docs/acknowledgements.rst
.. _Firmware Design: ./docs/design/firmware-design.rst
.. _Change Log: ./docs/change-log.rst
.. _User Guide: ./docs/getting-started/user-guide.rst
.. _Porting Guide: ./docs/getting-started/porting-guide.rst
.. _User Guide: ./docs/getting_started/user-guide.rst
.. _Porting Guide: ./docs/getting_started/porting-guide.rst
.. _FreeBSD:
.. _SCC:
.. _Security Advisory TFV-1: ./docs/security_advisories/security-advisory-tfv-1.rst
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