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      FVP: Remove GIC initialisation from secondary core cold boot · 9c29e5f7
      John Tsichritzis authored
      During the secondary cores' cold boot path, the cores initialise the GIC
      CPU interface. However this is a redundant action since 1) the cores are
      powered down immediately after that, 2) the GIC CPU interface is
      initialised from scratch when the secondary cores are powered up again
      Moreover, this part of code was introducing a bug. In a GICv3 system,
      the GIC's CPU interface system registers must not be written without the
      core being marked as "awake" in the redistributor. However, this
      sequence was performing such accesses and this would cause those cores
      to hang. The hang was caused by the DSB instruction that would never
      complete because of the GIC not recognising those writes.
      For the two aforementioned reasons, the entire part of the GIC CPU
      interface initialisation is removed.
      Change-Id: I6c33a1edda69dd5b6add16a27390a70731b5532a
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn Tsichritzis <john.tsichritzis@arm.com>
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