Commit 196fa6c8 authored by Yann Gautier's avatar Yann Gautier

stm32mp1: update doc for U-Boot compilation

U-Boot should be compiled with stm32mp15_trusted_defconfig which is
supported since tag v2019.07-rc1 with commit [1].

The creation of the U-Boot binary with stm32 header is done at U-Boot
compilation step, it is no more required to call the extra command.


Change-Id: Ia875c22184785fc2e02ad07993a649069cd5ce34
Signed-off-by: default avatarYann Gautier <>
parent f33b2433
......@@ -83,9 +83,8 @@ To build with SP_min:
make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- PLAT=stm32mp1 ARCH=aarch32 ARM_ARCH_MAJOR=7 AARCH32_SP=sp_min DTB_FILE_NAME=stm32mp157c-ev1.dtb
cd <u-boot_directory>
make stm32mp15_basic_defconfig
make stm32mp15_trusted_defconfig
make DEVICE_TREE=stm32mp157c-ev1 all
./tools/mkimage -T stm32image -a 0xC0100000 -e 0xC0100000 -d u-boot.bin u-boot.stm32
To build TF-A with with Op-TEE support:
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