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Documentation for Versatile Express Fixed Virtual Platforms

This documentation contains information about the boot sequence,
code location and build procedure for fvp_ve platform.

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Versatile Express (VE) family development platform provides an
ultra fast environment for prototyping arm-v7 System-on-Chip designs.
VE Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVP) are simulations of Versatile Express boards.
The platform in arm-trusted-firmware has been verified with Arm Cortex-A5
and Cortex-A7 VE FVP's. This platform is tested on and only expected to work
with single core models.
Boot Sequence
BL1 --> BL2 --> BL32(sp_min) --> BL33(u-boot) --> Linux kernel
How to build
Code Locations
- `U-boot <>`__
- `arm-trusted-firmware <>`__
Build Procedure
- Obtain arm toolchain. The software stack has been verified with linaro 6.2
`arm-linux-gnueabihf <>`__.
Set the CROSS_COMPILE environment variable to point to the toolchain folder.
- Fetch and build u-boot.
Make the .config file using the command:
.. code:: shell
make ARCH=arm vexpress_aemv8a_aarch32_config
Make the u-boot binary for Cortex-A5 using the command:
.. code:: shell
Make the u-boot binary for Cortex-A7 using the command:
.. code:: shell
make ARCH=arm
- Build TF-A:
The make command for Cortex-A5 is:
.. code:: shell
make PLAT=fvp_ve ARCH=aarch32 ARM_ARCH_MAJOR=7 ARM_CORTEX_A5=yes \
AARCH32_SP=sp_min FVP_HW_CONFIG_DTS=fdts/fvp-ve-Cortex-A5x1.dts \
ARM_XLAT_TABLES_LIB_V1=1 BL33=<path_to_u-boot.bin> all fip
The make command for Cortex-A7 is:
.. code:: shell
make PLAT=fvp_ve ARCH=aarch32 ARM_ARCH_MAJOR=7 ARM_CORTEX_A7=yes \
AARCH32_SP=sp_min FVP_HW_CONFIG_DTS=fdts/fvp-ve-Cortex-A7x1.dts \
BL33=<path_to_u-boot.bin> all fip
Run Procedure
The following model parameters should be used to boot Linux using the build of
arm-trusted-firmware-a made using the above make commands:
.. code:: shell
./<path_to_model> <path_to_bl1.elf> \
-C motherboard.flashloader1.fname=<path_to_fip.bin> \
--data cluster.cpu0=<path_to_zImage>@0x80080000 \
--data cluster.cpu0=<path_to_ramdisk>@0x84000000
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