Commit 64fe343c authored by Antonio Nino Diaz's avatar Antonio Nino Diaz

rpi3: Concatenate BL1 and FIP automatically

Add a new default makefile target to concatenate BL1 and the FIP and
generate armstub8.bin. This way it isn't needed to do it manually.

Documentation updated to reflect the changes.

Change-Id: Id5b5b1b7b9f87767db63fd01180ddfea855a7207
Signed-off-by: default avatarAntonio Nino Diaz <>
parent b19269a6
......@@ -196,29 +196,19 @@ Then compile TF-A. For a AArch32 kernel, use the following command line:
CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu- make PLAT=rpi3 \
RPI3_BL33_IN_AARCH32=1 \
BL33=../rpi3-arm-tf-bootstrap/aarch32/el2-bootstrap.bin \
all fip
For a AArch64 kernel, use this other command line:
.. code:: shell
CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu- make PLAT=rpi3 \
BL33=../rpi3-arm-tf-bootstrap/aarch64/el2-bootstrap.bin \
all fip
Then, join BL1 and the FIP with the following instructions (replace ``release``
by ``debug`` if you set the build option ``DEBUG=1``):
.. code:: shell
cp build/rpi3/release/bl1.bin bl1.pad.bin
truncate --size=131072 bl1.pad.bin
cat bl1.pad.bin build/rpi3/release/fip.bin > armstub8.bin
The resulting file, ``armstub8.bin``, contains BL1 and the FIP in the place they
need to be for TF-A to boot correctly. Now, follow the instructions in
`Setup SD card`_.
The build system concatenates BL1 and the FIP so that the addresses match the
ones in the memory map. The resulting file is ``armstub8.bin``, located in the
build folder (e.g. ``build/rpi3/debug/armstub8.bin``). Now, follow the
instructions in `Setup SD card`_.
The following build options are supported:
......@@ -54,6 +54,26 @@ else
TF_CFLAGS_aarch64 += -mtune=cortex-a53
# Platform Makefile target
# ------------------------
RPI3_BL1_PAD_BIN := ${BUILD_PLAT}/bl1_pad.bin
RPI3_ARMSTUB8_BIN := ${BUILD_PLAT}/armstub8.bin
# Add new default target when compiling this platform
all: armstub
# This target concatenates BL1 and the FIP so that the base addresses match the
# ones defined in the memory map
armstub: bl1 fip
@echo " CAT $@"
${Q}cp ${BUILD_PLAT}/bl1.bin ${RPI3_BL1_PAD_BIN}
${Q}truncate --size=131072 ${RPI3_BL1_PAD_BIN}
${Q}cat ${RPI3_BL1_PAD_BIN} ${BUILD_PLAT}/fip.bin > ${RPI3_ARMSTUB8_BIN}
@echo "Built $@ successfully"
# Build config flags
# ------------------
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