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config BLK
	bool "Support block devices"
	depends on DM
	  Enable support for block devices, such as SCSI, MMC and USB
	  flash sticks. These provide a block-level interface which permits
	  reading, writing and (in some cases) erasing blocks. Block
	  devices often have a partition table which allows the device to
	  be partitioned into several areas, called 'partitions' in U-Boot.
	  A filesystem can be placed in each partition.

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config DISK
	bool "Support disk controllers with driver model"
	depends on DM
	default y if DM
	  This enables a uclass for disk controllers in U-Boot. Various driver
	  types can use this, such as AHCI/SATA. It does not provide any standard
	  operations at present. The block device interface has not been converted
	  to driver model.
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	bool "Use block device cache"
	default n
	  This option enables a disk-block cache for all block devices.
	  This is most useful when accessing filesystems under U-Boot since
	  it will prevent repeated reads from directory structures and other
	  filesystem data structures.