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    fdt: Add fdtgrep tool · 1043d0a0
    Simon Glass authored
    This tool allows us to extract subsets of a device tree file. It is used by
    the SPL vuild, which needs to cut down the device tree size for use in
    limited memory.
    This tool was originally written for libfdt but it has not been accepted
    upstream, so for now, include it in U-Boot. Several utilfdt library
    functions been included inline here.
    If fdtgrep is eventually accepted in libfdt then we can bring that version
    of libfdt in here, and drop fdtgrep (requiring that fdtgrep is provided by
    the user).
    If it is not accepted then another approach would be to write a special
    tool for chopping down device tree files for SPL. While it would use the
    same libfdt support, it would be less code than fdtgrep.c because it would
    not have general-purpose functions.
    Another approach (which was used with v1 of this series) is to sprinkler all
    the device tree files with #ifdef. I don't like that idea.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSimon Glass <sjg@chromium.org>