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    MLK-16049 imx8qm/qxp: Add support for reserving DDR memory for M4 · 2be4bf87
    Ye Li authored
    We assign the DDR memory from 0x88000000 to 0x8FFFFFFF to M4 on QM and QXP.
    The M4 can allocate this memory by two ways, in SCD or u-boot.
    There are 3 things needed to change in u-boot:
    1. Move the u-boot INIT SP address to first 128M memory to avoid conflict with M4 memory.
    2. The memory regions may be allocated in SCD or ATF. So we can't staticly set the memory
       bank information in u-boot, need to get it from owned memory regions.
    3. u-boot addes the memory reserve node to DTB to pass the info to kernel, no matter
       the M4 memory is reserved in SCD or u-boot. So kernel won't access M4 reserved memory.
    The codes for M4 resources and memory regions allocated by u-boot will be added
    later when they are finalized.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarYe Li <ye.li@nxp.com>
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