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    ARM: add support for Network Space v2 Lite and Mini · 37235496
    Simon Guinot authored
    This patch adds support for the LaCie boards Network Space v2 (Lite and
    Mini). This two boards are derived from the Network Space v2 and a lot
    of hardware caracteristics are shared.
    - CPU: Marvell 88F6192 800Mhz
    - SDRAM memory: 128MB DDR2 200Mhz
    - 1 SATA port: internal
    - Gigabit ethernet: PHY Marvell 88E1318
    - Flash memory: SPI NOR 512KB (Macronix MX25L4005A)
    - i2c EEPROM: 512 bytes (24C04 type)
    - 2 USB2 ports (Lite only): host and host/device
    - 1 push button
    - 1 SATA LED (bi-color, blue and red)
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSimon Guinot <simon.guinot@sequanux.org>
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