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    * Patches by Denis Peter, 9 Sep 2003: · 7205e407
    wdenk authored
      add FAT support for IDE, SCSI and USB
    * Patches by Gleb Natapov, 2 Sep 2003:
      - cleanup of POST code for unsupported architectures
      - MPC824x locks way0 of data cache for use as initial RAM;
        this patch unlocks it after relocation to RAM and invalidates
        the locked entries.
    * Patch by Gleb Natapov, 30 Aug 2003:
      new I2C driver for mpc107 bridge. Now works from flash.
    * Patch by Dave Ellis, 11 Aug 2003:
      - JFFS2: fix typo in common/cmd_jffs2.c
      - JFFS2: fix CFG_JFFS2_SORT_FRAGMENTS option
      - JFFS2: remove node version 0 warning
      - JFFS2: accept JFFS2 PADDING nodes
      - SXNI855T: add AM29LV800 support
      - SXNI855T: move environment from EEPROM to flash
      - SXNI855T: boot from JFFS2 in NOR or NAND flash
    * Patch by Bill Hargen, 11 Aug 2003:
      fixes for I2C on MPC8240
      - fix i2c_write routine
      - fix iprobe command
      - eliminates use of global variables, plus dead code, cleanup.