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    * Patch by Marc Singer, 29 May 2003: · 7a8e9bed
    wdenk authored
      Fixed rarp boot method for IA32 and other little-endian CPUs.
    * Patch by Marc Singer, 28 May 2003:
      Added port I/O commands.
    * Patch by Matthew McClintock, 28 May 2003
      - cpu/mpc824x/start.S: fix relocation code when booting from RAM
      - minor patches for utx8245
    * Patch by Daniel Engström, 28 May 2003:
      x86 update
    * Patch by Dave Ellis, 9 May 2003 + 27 May 2003:
      add nand flash support to SXNI855T configuration
      fix/extend nand flash support:
      - fix 'nand erase' command so does not erase bad blocks
      - fix 'nand write' command so does not write to bad blocks
      - fix nand_probe() so handles no flash detected properly
      - add doc/README.nand
      - add .jffs2 and .oob options to nand read/write
      - add 'nand bad' command to list bad blocks
      - add 'clean' option to 'nand erase' to write JFFS2 clean markers
      - make NAND read/write faster
    * Patch by Rune Torgersen, 23 May 2003:
      Update for MPC8266ADS board
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