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    Add support for TQM8541/8555 boards, TQM85xx support reworked: · d96f41e0
    Stefan Roese authored
    - Support for TQM8541/8555 boards added.
    - Complete rework of TQM8540/8560 support.
    - Common TQM85xx code now supports all current TQM85xx platforms
    - DDR SDRAM size detection added.
    - CAS latency default values can be overwritten by setting "serial#"
      to e.g. "ABC0001 casl=25" -> CAS latency 2.5 will be used.
      If problems are detected with this non default CAS latency,
      the defualt values will be used instead.
    - FLASH size detection added.
    - Moved FCC ethernet driver initialization behind TSEC driver init
      -> TSEC is first device.
    Patch by Stefan Roese, 30 Nov 2005
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