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    MA-9409-3 Add base board support for android and android things. · f791112b
    zhang sanshan authored
    * add board support for android and android things.
      mx6ul_nxpu_iopb, pico-6ul, pico-imx7d, aquila-6ul
      reorganize the Kconfig, and fix the redefine issue.
    * add android configure into configure-while
    * add a common file mx_android_common.h
      it will be included by android and android things.
      defconfig only include ANDROID_THINGS_SUPPORT or ANDROID_SUPPORT
    * move partition_table_valid into f_fastboot.c.
      it's a common code.
    * add invalidate_dcache_range in fixed order.
      It will have salt invalid issue if we do not add it in order
    * add display for pico-7d.
    Change-Id: I6f8a4876c2f8bbd098034d1e3f53033109300bca
    Signed-off-by: default avatarzhang sanshan <sanshan.zhang@nxp.com>
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