Commit 03eecab9 authored by Tetsuyuki Kobayashi's avatar Tetsuyuki Kobayashi Committed by Tom Rini
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arm: rmobile: bugfix: wrong register saving in lowlevel_init

lowlevel_init() of rmobile badly assumed that ip register holds return address.
The commit "63ee53a7

 armv7 cpu_init_crit: Simplify code" breaks this assumption.
This patch removes this bad assumption and simplify code.
Signed-off-by: default avatarTetsuyuki Kobayashi <>
parent 8a10180d
......@@ -76,17 +76,7 @@ loop0:
bne loop0
str ip, [sp] /* stash old link register */
mov ip, lr /* save link reg across call */
bl s_init
ldr ip, [sp] /* restore save ip */
mov lr, ip /* restore link reg */
/* back to arch calling code */
mov pc, lr
b s_init
.align 4
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