Commit 05e5b735 authored by Ilya Yanok's avatar Ilya Yanok Committed by Wolfgang Denk
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patman: fix end of changes detection

Changes may end in '---' line or Signoff line (generated by
git format-patch) in case of Series-changes: lines being
the last ones in commit message. So detect it properly.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIlya Yanok <>
parent 69fd2d3b
......@@ -36,6 +36,9 @@ re_remove = re.compile('^BUG=|^TEST=|^Change-Id:|^Review URL:'
# Lines which are allowed after a TEST= line
re_allowed_after_test = re.compile('^Signed-off-by:')
# Signoffs
re_signoff = re.compile('^Signed-off-by:')
# The start of the cover letter
re_cover = re.compile('^Cover-letter:')
......@@ -207,6 +210,9 @@ class PatchStream:
if is_blank:
# Blank line ends this change list
self.in_change = 0
elif line == '---' or re_signoff.match(line):
self.in_change = 0
out = self.ProcessLine(line)
self.series.AddChange(self.in_change, self.commit, line)
self.skip_blank = False
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