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README: Document CONFIG_SYS parameters for vxworks

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......@@ -381,6 +381,24 @@ The following options need to be configured:
This define fills in the correct boot CPU in the boot
param header, the default value is zero if undefined.
- vxWorks boot parameters:
bootvx constructs a valid bootline using the following
environments variables: bootfile, ipaddr, serverip, hostname.
It loads the vxWorks image pointed bootfile.
CONFIG_SYS_VXWORKS_BOOT_DEVICE - The vxworks device name
CONFIG_SYS_VXWORKS_MAC_PTR - Ethernet 6 byte MA -address
CONFIG_SYS_VXWORKS_BOOT_ADDR - Address of boot parameters
Add it at the end of the bootline. E.g "u=username pw=secret"
Note: If a "bootargs" environment is defined, it will overwride
the defaults discussed just above.
- Serial Ports:
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