Commit 0b5b409a authored by Simon Glass's avatar Simon Glass
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patman: Use the full commit hash for 'git checkout'

Even with the initial 8 characeters of the hash we will sometimes get a
collision. Use the full hash.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSimon Glass <>
parent ce267335
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ def ShowActions(series, why_selected, boards_selected, builder, options):
if commits:
for upto in range(0, len(series.commits), options.step):
commit = series.commits[upto]
print ' ', col.Color(col.YELLOW, commit.hash, bright=False),
print ' ', col.Color(col.YELLOW, commit.hash[:8], bright=False),
print commit.subject
for arg in why_selected:
......@@ -248,8 +248,7 @@ class PatchStream:
# Detect the start of a new commit
elif commit_match:
# TODO: We should store the whole hash, and just display a subset
self.commit = commit.Commit([:8])
self.commit = commit.Commit(
# Detect tags in the commit message
elif tag_match:
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