Commit 0d92f214 authored by Konstantin Porotchkin's avatar Konstantin Porotchkin Committed by Stefan Roese

arm64: mvebu: Fix A8K memory mapping and add documentation

Fix the MMU mapping for A8K device family:
 - Separate A7K and A8K memory mappings
 - Fix memory regions by including IO mapping for all
   3 PCIe interfaces existing on each connected CP110 controller
Add A8K memory mapping documentation with all regions
configured by Marvell ATF.

Change-Id: I9c930569b1853900f5fba2d5db319b092cc7a2a6
Signed-off-by: default avatarKonstantin Porotchkin <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarStefan Roese <>
Cc: Stefan Roese <>
Cc: Nadav Haklai <>
Cc: Neta Zur Hershkovits <>
Cc: Omri Itach <>
Cc: Igal Liberman <>
Cc: Haim Boot <>
Cc: Hanna Hawa <>
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......@@ -21,7 +21,33 @@ DECLARE_GLOBAL_DATA_PTR;
* The following table includes all memory regions for Armada 7k and
* 8k SoCs. The Armada 7k is missing the CP110 slave regions here. Lets
* define these regions at the beginning of the struct so that they
* can be easier removed later dynamically if an Armada 7k device is detected.
* For a detailed memory map, please see doc/mvebu/armada-8k-memory.txt
static struct mm_region mvebu_mem_map[] = {
/* Armada 80x0 memory regions include the CP1 (slave) units */
/* SRAM, MMIO regions - CP110 slave region */
.phys = 0xf4000000UL,
.virt = 0xf4000000UL,
.size = 0x02000000UL, /* 32MiB internal registers */
/* PCI CP1 regions */
.phys = 0xfa000000UL,
.virt = 0xfa000000UL,
.size = 0x04000000UL, /* 64MiB CP110 slave PCI space */
/* Armada 80x0 and 70x0 common memory regions start here */
/* RAM */
.phys = 0x0UL,
......@@ -47,29 +73,35 @@ static struct mm_region mvebu_mem_map[] = {
/* SRAM, MMIO regions - CP110 slave region */
.phys = 0xf4000000UL,
.virt = 0xf4000000UL,
.size = 0x02000000UL, /* 32MiB internal registers */
/* PCI CP0 regions */
.phys = 0xf6000000UL,
.virt = 0xf6000000UL,
.size = 0x04000000UL, /* 64MiB CP110 master PCI space */
/* PCI regions */
.phys = 0xf8000000UL,
.virt = 0xf8000000UL,
.size = 0x08000000UL, /* 128MiB PCI space (master & slave) */
/* List terminator */
struct mm_region *mem_map = mvebu_mem_map;
void enable_caches(void)
* Armada 7k is not equipped with the CP110 slave CP. In case this
* code runs on an Armada 7k device, lets remove the CP110 slave
* entries from the memory mapping by moving the start to the
* common regions.
if (of_machine_is_compatible("marvell,armada7040"))
mem_map = &mvebu_mem_map[ARMADA_7K8K_COMMON_REGIONS_START];
void reset_cpu(ulong ignored)
u32 reg;
Memory Layout on Armada-8k SoC's
The below desribes the physical memory layout for Marvell's Armada-8k SoC's.
This assumes that the SoC includes Dual CP configuration, in case the flavor is using
a single CP configuration, then all secondary-CP mappings are invalid.
All "Reserved" areas below, are kept for future usage.
Start End Use
0x00000000 0xEFFFFFFF DRAM
0xF0000000 0xF0FFFFFF AP Internal registers space
0xF1000000 0xF1FFFFFF Reserved.
0xF2000000 0xF3FFFFFF CP-0 Internal (configuration) registers
0xF4000000 0xF5FFFFFF CP-1 Internal (configuration) registers
0xF6000000 0xF6FFFFFF CP-0 / PCIe#0 Memory space.
0xF7000000 0xF7FFFFFF CP-0 / PCIe#1 Memory space.
0xF8000000 0xF8FFFFFF CP-0 / PCIe#2 Memory space.
0xF9000000 0xF900FFFF CP-0 / PCIe#0 IO space.
0xF9010000 0xF901FFFF CP-0 / PCIe#1 IO space.
0xF9020000 0xF902FFFF CP-0 / PCIe#2 IO space.
0xF9030000 0xF9FFFFFF Reserved.
0xFA000000 0xFAFFFFFF CP-1 / PCIe#0 Memory space.
0xFB000000 0xFBFFFFFF CP-1 / PCIe#1 Memory space.
0xFC000000 0xFCFFFFFF CP-1 / PCIe#2 Memory space.
0xFD000000 0xFD00FFFF CP-1 / PCIe#0 IO space.
0xFD010000 0xFD01FFFF CP-1 / PCIe#1 IO space.
0xFD020000 0xFD02FFFF CP-1 / PCIe#2 IO space.
0xFD030000 0xFFEFFFFF Reserved.
0xFFF00000 0xFFFFFFFF Bootrom
0x100000000 <DRAM Size>-1 DRAM
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