Commit 10d644b1 authored by York Sun's avatar York Sun Committed by Andy Fleming
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powerpc: Add T4160QDS

T4160QDS shares the same platform as T4240QDS. T4160 is a low power
version of T4240, with eight e6500 cores, two DDR3 controllers, and
slightly different SerDes protocols.
Signed-off-by: default avatarYork Sun <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndy Fleming <>
parent b46b7f98
......@@ -896,6 +896,9 @@ stxssa_4M powerpc mpc85xx stxssa stx
T4240QDS powerpc mpc85xx t4qds freescale - T4240QDS:PPC_T4240
T4240QDS_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx t4qds freescale - T4240QDS:PPC_T4240,RAMBOOT_PBL,SDCARD,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
T4240QDS_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx t4qds freescale - T4240QDS:PPC_T4240,RAMBOOT_PBL,SPIFLASH,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
T4160QDS powerpc mpc85xx t4qds freescale - T4240QDS:PPC_T4160
T4160QDS_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx t4qds freescale - T4240QDS:PPC_T4160,RAMBOOT_PBL,SDCARD,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
T4160QDS_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx t4qds freescale - T4240QDS:PPC_T4160,RAMBOOT_PBL,SPIFLASH,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
B4860QDS powerpc mpc85xx b4860qds freescale - B4860QDS:PPC_B4860
B4860QDS_NAND powerpc mpc85xx b4860qds freescale - B4860QDS:PPC_B4860,RAMBOOT_PBL,NAND,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
B4860QDS_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx b4860qds freescale - B4860QDS:PPC_B4860,RAMBOOT_PBL,SPIFLASH,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
......@@ -791,8 +791,21 @@ unsigned long get_board_ddr_clk(void);
#define __USB_PHY_TYPE utmi
* T4240 has 3 DDR controllers. Default to 3way_4KB interleaving. It can be
* 3way_1KB, 3way_4KB, 3way_8KB. T4160 has 2 DDR controllers. Default to
* cacheline interleaving. It can be cacheline, page, bank, superbank.
* See doc/README.fsl-ddr for details.
#ifdef CONFIG_PPC_T4240
#define CTRL_INTLV_PREFERED cacheline
"hwconfig=fsl_ddr:ctlr_intlv=3way_4KB," \
"hwconfig=fsl_ddr:" \
"ctlr_intlv=" __stringify(CTRL_INTLV_PREFERED) "," \
"bank_intlv=auto;" \
"usb1:dr_mode=host,phy_type=" __stringify(__USB_PHY_TYPE) "\0"\
"netdev=eth0\0" \
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