Commit 22419d77 authored by Kumar Gala's avatar Kumar Gala
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85xx: Always attempt ethernet device tree fixup

Its reasonable that we may have ethernet devices but dont have drivers
or support enabled for them in u-boot and want the device tree fixed up.
Unconditionally calling the ethernet fixup is fine since if we dont have
ethernet nodes that match (or aliases) we will not attempt to do
Signed-off-by: default avatarKumar Gala <>
Acked-by: default avatarTimur Tabi <>
parent 52d6ad5e
......@@ -278,12 +278,9 @@ void ft_cpu_setup(void *blob, bd_t *bd)
if (!IS_E_PROCESSOR(get_svr()))
fdt_fixup_crypto_node(blob, 0);
#if defined(CONFIG_HAS_ETH0) || defined(CONFIG_HAS_ETH1) ||\
defined(CONFIG_HAS_ETH2) || defined(CONFIG_HAS_ETH3)
do_fixup_by_prop_u32(blob, "device_type", "cpu", 4,
"timebase-frequency", bd->bi_busfreq / 8, 1);
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