Commit 26fe3d2b authored by Wolfgang Denk's avatar Wolfgang Denk

VoVPN-GW_100MHz: drop unsupported board configuration

The 100MHz configuation of the VoVPN-GW has never been supported, so
drop it now.
Signed-off-by: default avatarWolfgang Denk <>
parent bc5e1701
......@@ -524,7 +524,6 @@ MPC8272ADS powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS
PQ2FADS-VR powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_PQ2FADS,8260_CLKIN=66000000
PQ2FADS-ZU powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_PQ2FADS
PQ2FADS_lowboot powerpc mpc8260 mpc8260ads freescale - MPC8260ADS:ADSTYPE=CONFIG_SYS_PQ2FADS,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFF800000
VoVPN-GW_100MHz powerpc mpc8260 vovpn-gw funkwerk - VoVPN-GW:CLKIN_100MHz
VoVPN-GW_66MHz powerpc mpc8260 vovpn-gw funkwerk - VoVPN-GW:CLKIN_66MHz
MPC8308RDB powerpc mpc83xx mpc8308rdb freescale
MPC8323ERDB powerpc mpc83xx mpc8323erdb freescale
......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ easily if here is something they might want to dig for...
Board Arch CPU removed Commit last known maintainer/contact
VoVPN-GW_100MHz powerpc MPC8260 - 2010-10-24 Juergen Selent <>
NC650 powerpc MPC852 333d86d 2010-10-19 Wolfgang Denk <>
CP850 powerpc MPC852 333d86d 2010-10-19 Wolfgang Denk <>
logodl ARM PXA2xx 059e778 2010-10-18 August Hoeraendl <>
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