Commit 29382d40 authored by Becky Bruce's avatar Becky Bruce Committed by Jon Loeliger
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mpc8641: Fix error in README

I made some updates to the code that didn't make it into the
README - fix this
Signed-off-by: default avatarBecky Bruce <>
parent 801a1946
......@@ -134,15 +134,15 @@ For 36-bit-enabled u-boot, the virtual map is the same as for 32-bit.
However, the physical map is altered to reside in 36-bit space, as follows.
Addresses are no longer mapped with VA == PA. All accesses from
software use the VA; the PA is only used for setting up windows
and mappings. Note that the low 32 bits are the same as the VA above;
only the top 4 bits vary:
and mappings. Note that with the exception of PCI MEM and RIO, the low
32 bits are the same as the VA above; only the top 4 bits vary:
Memory Range Device Size
------------ ------ ----
0x0_0000_0000 0x0_7fff_ffff DDR 2G
0xc_8000_0000 0xc_9fff_ffff RIO MEM 512M
0xc_8000_0000 0xc_9fff_ffff PCI1/PEX1 MEM 512M
0xc_a000_0000 0xc_bfff_ffff PCI2/PEX2 MEM 512M
0xc_0000_0000 0xc_1fff_ffff RIO MEM 512M
0xc_0000_0000 0xc_1fff_ffff PCI1/PEX1 MEM 512M
0xc_2000_0000 0xc_3fff_ffff PCI2/PEX2 MEM 512M
0xf_ffe0_0000 0xf_ffef_ffff CCSR 1M
0xf_ffdf_0000 0xf_ffdf_7fff PIXIS 8K
0xf_ffdf_8000 0xf_ffdf_ffff CF 8K
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