Commit 2a3c25d2 authored by Arun Bharadwaj's avatar Arun Bharadwaj Committed by Tom Rini

overo: Fix regression introduced in a6b541b0

U-Boot has been broken on Overo boards since commit

This is because the gd pointer is not set early enough anymore,
such that the i2c_set_bus_num in get_board_revision can safely
execute. This results in a console hang at SPL and the boot does
not proceed.

This piece of code is anyway necessary only for really old Overo
boards with revision numbers <= 2410 and not required for the newer
boards. For these older boards, u-boot v2014.10 still works fine.
Signed-off-by: default avatarArun Bharadwaj <>
parent fe5d488f
......@@ -310,20 +310,6 @@ int get_board_revision(void)
int revision;
unsigned char data;
/* board revisions <= R2410 connect 4030 irq_1 to gpio112 */
/* these boards should return a revision number of 0 */
/* the code below forces a 4030 RTC irq to ensure that gpio112 is low */
data = 0x01;
i2c_write(0x4B, 0x29, 1, &data, 1);
data = 0x0c;
i2c_write(0x4B, 0x2b, 1, &data, 1);
i2c_read(0x4B, 0x2a, 1, &data, 1);
if (!gpio_request(112, "") &&
!gpio_request(113, "") &&
!gpio_request(115, "")) {
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