Commit 2a8382c6 authored by Alexey Brodkin's avatar Alexey Brodkin
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arc/cache: really do flush_dcache_all() even if IOC exists

flush_dcache_all() is used in the very end of U-Boot self relocation
to write back all copied and then patched code and data to their
new location in the very end of available memory space.

Since that has nothing to do with IO (i.e. no external DMA happens
here) IOC won't help here and we need to write back data cache contents
Signed-off-by: default avatarAlexey Brodkin <>
parent ee8b25fa
......@@ -430,13 +430,10 @@ void invalidate_dcache_all(void)
void flush_dcache_all(void)
if (!ioc_exists)
if (slc_exists && !ioc_exists)
if (slc_exists)
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