Commit 35940de1 authored by Miao Yan's avatar Miao Yan Committed by Tom Rini

common/fdt_support.c: avoid unintended return from fdt_fixup_memory_banks()

fdt_fixup_memory_banks() will add and update /memory node in
device tree blob. In the case that /memory node doesn't exist,
after adding a new one, this function returns error.

The correct behavior should be continuing to update its properties.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMiao Yan <>
parent 871a57bb
......@@ -400,10 +400,11 @@ int fdt_fixup_memory_banks(void *blob, u64 start[], u64 size[], int banks)
nodeoffset = fdt_path_offset(blob, "/memory");
if (nodeoffset < 0) {
nodeoffset = fdt_add_subnode(blob, 0, "memory");
if (nodeoffset < 0)
if (nodeoffset < 0) {
printf("WARNING: could not create /memory: %s.\n",
return nodeoffset;
return nodeoffset;
err = fdt_setprop(blob, nodeoffset, "device_type", "memory",
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