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Patch from Stefan Roese.

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......@@ -2,6 +2,12 @@
Changes since U-Boot 0.2.2:
* Patch by Stefan Roese, 4 Apr 2003:
- U-Boot version environment variable "ver" added
- Changed PPC405GPr version from A to B.
- Changed CPCI405 to use CTS instead of DSR on PPC405 UART1.
* Patch by Martin Winistoerfer, 23 Mar 2003
- Add port to MPC555/556 microcontrollers
- Add support for cmi customer board with
......@@ -17,7 +23,7 @@ Changes since U-Boot 0.2.2:
- add ctrl-c support for kermit download
- align bdinfo output on ARM
* Add CPU ID, version, and clock speed for INCA-IP
* Add CPU ID, version, and clock speed for INCA-IP
* Patches by Dave Ellis, 18 Mar 2003 for SXNI855T board:
- fix SRAM and SDRAM memory sizing
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