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sbc8548: replace README with completely new document

The previous README.sbc8548 was pretty much content-free. Replace
it with something that actually gives the end user some relevant
hardware details, and also lists the u-boot configuration choices.

Also in the cosmetic department, fix the bogus line in the Makefile
that was carried over from the SBC8560 Makefile, and the typo in
the sbc8548.c copyright.
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Signed-off-by: default avatarKumar Gala <>
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......@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@
# (C) Copyright 2004-2006
# Wolfgang Denk, DENX Software Engineering,
# (C) Copyright 2004 Wind River Systems Inc <>.
# Added support for Wind River SBC8560 board
# (C) Copyright 2007 Wind River Systems Inc <>.
# Added support for Wind River SBC8548 board
# See file CREDITS for list of people who contributed to this
# project.
* Copyright 2007 Wind River Systemes, Inc. <>
* Copyright 2007,2009 Wind River Systems, Inc. <>
* Copyright 2007 Embedded Specialties, Inc.
* Copyright 2004, 2007 Freescale Semiconductor.
Wind River SBC8548 reference board
Copyright 2007, Embedded Specialties, Inc.
Copyright 2007 Wind River Systemes, Inc.
The SBC8548 is a stand alone single board computer with a 1GHz
MPC8548 CPU, 8MB boot flash, 64MB user flash and, 256MB DDR2 400MHz
memory. It also has 128MB SDRAM 100MHz LBC memory, with both a PCI-e,
and a PCI-X slot, dual mini-DB9 for UART, and dual RJ-45 for eTSEC
ethernet connections.
1. Building U-Boot
The SBC8548 code is known to build using ELDK 4.1.
U-boot Configuration:
$ make sbc8548_config
Configuring for sbc8548 board...
The following possible u-boot configuration targets are available:
$ make
1) sbc8548_config
2) sbc8548_PCI_33_config
3) sbc8548_PCI_66_config
4) sbc8548_PCI_33_PCIE_config
5) sbc8548_PCI_66_PCIE_config
Generally speaking, most people should choose to use #5. Details
of each choice are listed below.
2. Switch and Jumper Settings
All Jumpers & Switches are in their default positions. Please refer to
the board documentation for details. Some settings control CPU voltages
and settings may change with board revisions.
Choice #1 does not enable CONFIG_PCI, and assumes that the PCI slot
will be left empty (M66EN high), and so the board will operate with
a base clock of 66MHz. Note that you need both PCI enabled in u-boot
and linux in order to have functional PCI under linux.
3. Known limitations
The code to support PCI is currently disabled and has not been verified.
The second enables PCI support and builds for a 33MHz clock rate. Note
that if a 33MHz 32bit card is inserted in the slot, then the whole board
will clock down to a 33MHz base clock instead of the default 66MHz. This
will change the baud clocks and mess up your serial console output if you
were previously running at 66MHz. If you want to use a 33MHz PCI card,
then you should build a U-Boot with a _PCI_33_ config and store this
to flash prior to powering down the board and inserting the 33MHz PCI
card. [The above discussion assumes that the SW2[1-4] has not been changed
to reflect a different CCB:SYSCLK ratio]
The third option builds PCI support in, and leaves the clocking at the
default 66MHz. Options four and five are just repeats of option two
and three, but with PCI-e support enabled as well.
PCI output listing with an intel e1000 PCI-x and a Syskonnect SK-9Exx
is shown below for sbc8548_PCI_66_PCIE_config. (Note that PCI-e with
a 33MHz PCI configuration is currently untested.)
=> pci 0
Scanning PCI devices on bus 0
BusDevFun VendorId DeviceId Device Class Sub-Class
00.00.00 0x1057 0x0012 Processor 0x20
00.01.00 0x8086 0x1026 Network controller 0x00
=> pci 1
Scanning PCI devices on bus 1
BusDevFun VendorId DeviceId Device Class Sub-Class
01.00.00 0x1957 0x0012 Processor 0x20
=> pci 2
Scanning PCI devices on bus 2
BusDevFun VendorId DeviceId Device Class Sub-Class
02.00.00 0x1148 0x9e00 Network controller 0x00
Hardware Reference:
The following contains some summary information on hardware settings
that are relevant to u-boot, based on the board manual. For the
most up to date and complete details of the board, please request the
reference manual ERG-00327-001.pdf from
Boot flash:
intel V28F640Jx, 8192x8 (one device) at 0xff80_0000
Sodimm flash:
intel V28F128Jx, 16384x8 (4 devices) at 0xfb80_0000
Jumper Name ON OFF
JP12 CS0/CS6 swap see note[*] see note[*]
JP13 SODIMM flash write OK writes disabled
write prot.
JP14 HRESET/TRST joined isolated
JP15 PWR ON when AC pwr use S1 for on/off
JP16 Demo LEDs lit not lit
[*]JP12, when jumpered parallel to the SODIMM, puts the boot flash
onto /CS0 and the SODIMM flash on /CS6 (default). When JP12
is jumpered parallel to the LBC-SDRAM, then /CS0 is for the
SODIMM flash and /CS6 is for the boot flash. Note that in this
alternate setting, you also need to switch SW2.8 to ON. Currently
u-boot doesn't support booting off the SODIMM in this alternate
setting without manually altering BR0/OR0 and BR6/OR6 in the
board config file appropriately.
The defaults are marked with a *
Name Desc. ON OFF
S1 Pwr toggle n/a n/a
SW2.1 CFG_SYS_PLL0 1 0*
SW2.2 CFG_SYS_PLL1 1* 0
SW2.3 CFG_SYS_PLL2 1* 0
SW2.4 CFG_SYS_PLL3 1 0*
SW2.5 CFG_CORE_PLL0 1* 0
SW2.6 CFG_CORE_PLL1 1 0*
SW2.7 CFG_CORE_PLL2 1* 0
SW2.8 CFG_ROM_LOC1 1 0*
SW3.1 CFG_HOST_AGT0 1* 0
SW3.2 CFG_HOST_AGT1 1* 0
SW3.3 CFG_HOST_AGT2 1* 0
SW3.4 CFG_IO_PORTS0 1* 0
SW3.5 CFG_IO_PORTS0 1 0*
SW3.6 CFG_IO_PORTS0 1 0*
SerDes CLK(MHz) SW5.1 SW5.2
25 0 0
100* 1 0
125 0 1
200 1 1
SerDes CLK spread SW5.3 SW5.4
+/- 0.25% 0 0
-0.50% 1 0
-0.75% 0 1
No Spread* 1 1
SW4 settings are readable from the EPLD and are currently not used for
any hardware settings (i.e. user configuration switches).
Name Desc. ON OFF
D14 3.3V PWR 3.3V no power
D15 SYSCLK 66MHz 33MHz
Default Memory Map:
start end CS<n> width Desc.
0000_0000 0fff_ffff MCS0,1 64 DDR2 (256MB)
f000_0000 f7ff_ffff CS3,4 32 LB SDRAM (128MB)
f800_0000 f8b0_1fff CS5 - EPLD
fb80_0000 ff7f_ffff CS6 32 SODIMM flash (64MB)
ff80_0000 ffff_ffff CS0 8 Boot flash (8MB)
The EPLD on CS5 demuxes the following devices at the following offsets:
offset size width device
0 1fff 8 7 segment display LED
10_0000 1fff 4 user switches
30_0000 1fff 4 HW Rev. register
b0_0000 1fff 8 8kB EEPROM
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