Commit 391dcf21 authored by Ye Li's avatar Ye Li Committed by Jason Liu
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MLK-16198-1 usb: xhci-imx8: Add basic DM support

Add basic DM support to the xhci-imx8 driver, which only probes the
USB3 node, but won't parse any properties from node in DTS.

The registers address are still hard coded, that share with non-DM codes.
Will improve it to get from the "reg" property in future.
Signed-off-by: default avatarYe Li <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarPeng Fan <>
parent fb2c9bd4
......@@ -14,6 +14,8 @@
#include <linux/compat.h>
#include "xhci.h"
#include <usb/imx8_usb3_reg_def.h>
#include <dm.h>
#include <power-domain.h>
/* Declare global data pointer */
......@@ -144,6 +146,75 @@ void imx8_xhci_init(void)
debug("check CNR has finished\n");
static int xhci_imx8_probe(struct udevice *dev)
struct xhci_hccr *hccr;
struct xhci_hcor *hcor;
int ret = 0;
int len;
/* Need to power on the PHY before access it */
struct udevice phy_dev;
struct power_domain pd;
const void *blob = gd->fdt_blob;
int offset = dev_of_offset(dev), phy_off;
phy_off = fdtdec_lookup_phandle(blob,
if (phy_off < 0)
return -EINVAL;
phy_dev.of_offset = phy_off;
if (!power_domain_get(&phy_dev, &pd)) {
if (power_domain_on(&pd))
return -EINVAL;
ret = board_usb_init(dev->seq, USB_INIT_HOST);
if (ret != 0) {
printf("Failed to initialize board for USB\n");
return ret;
hccr = (struct xhci_hccr *)HCIVERSION_CAPLENGTH;
len = HC_LENGTH(xhci_readl(&hccr->cr_capbase));
hcor = (struct xhci_hcor *)((uintptr_t) hccr + len);
printf("XHCI-imx8 init hccr 0x%p and hcor 0x%p hc_length %d\n",
(uint32_t *)hccr, (uint32_t *)hcor, len);
return xhci_register(dev, hccr, hcor);
static int xhci_imx8_remove(struct udevice *dev)
return xhci_deregister(dev);
static const struct udevice_id xhci_usb_ids[] = {
{ .compatible = "fsl,imx8-usb3", },
{ }
U_BOOT_DRIVER(xhci_imx8) = {
.name = "xhci_imx8",
.of_match = xhci_usb_ids,
.probe = xhci_imx8_probe,
.remove = xhci_imx8_remove,
.ops = &xhci_usb_ops,
.platdata_auto_alloc_size = sizeof(struct usb_platdata),
.priv_auto_alloc_size = sizeof(struct xhci_ctrl),
int xhci_hcd_init(int index, struct xhci_hccr **ret_hccr,
struct xhci_hcor **ret_hcor)
......@@ -175,3 +246,4 @@ int xhci_hcd_init(int index, struct xhci_hccr **ret_hccr,
void xhci_hcd_stop(int index)
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