Commit 3c2c2f42 authored by Remy Bohmer's avatar Remy Bohmer Committed by Remy Böhmer
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Remove non-ascii characters from fat code

This code contains some non-ascii characters in comment lines and code.
Most editors do not display those characters properly and editing those
files results always in diffs at these places which are usually not required
to be changed at all. This is error prone.

So, remove those weird characters and replace them by normal C-style
equivalents for which the proper defines were already in the header.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRemy Bohmer <>
parent bebfc6ef
......@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@ static void get_name (dir_entry *dirent, char *s_name)
if (*s_name == DELETED_FLAG)
*s_name = '\0';
else if (*s_name == aRING)
*s_name = '';
*s_name = DELETED_FLAG;
downcase (s_name);
......@@ -489,7 +489,7 @@ get_vfatname(fsdata *mydata, int curclust, __u8 *cluster,
l_name[idx] = '\0';
if (*l_name == DELETED_FLAG) *l_name = '\0';
else if (*l_name == aRING) *l_name = '';
else if (*l_name == aRING) *l_name = DELETED_FLAG;
/* Return the real directory entry */
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@
#define DELETED_FLAG ((char)0xe5) /* Marks deleted files when in name[0] */
#define aRING 0x05 /* Used to represent '' in name[0] */
#define aRING 0x05 /* Used as special character in name[0] */
/* Indicates that the entry is the last long entry in a set of long
* dir entries
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