Commit 3d83e675 authored by Lukasz Majewski's avatar Lukasz Majewski Committed by Marek Vasut
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dfu: Disable default calculation of CRC32

Patch (SHA1: bd694244

dfu: Introduction of the "dfu_hash_algo" env variable for checksum method

already introduced more generic handling of the crc32 calculation.
Up till now the CRC32 of received data was calculated unconditionally.
This patch changes this and from now - by default the crc32 is NOT
calculated anymore.
Signed-off-by: default avatarLukasz Majewski <>
Cc: Marek Vasut <>
parent e0672b3c
...@@ -106,21 +106,15 @@ static char *dfu_get_hash_algo(void) ...@@ -106,21 +106,15 @@ static char *dfu_get_hash_algo(void)
char *s; char *s;
s = getenv("dfu_hash_algo"); s = getenv("dfu_hash_algo");
/* if (!s)
* By default the legacy behaviour to calculate the crc32 hash
* value is preserved.
* To disable calculation of the hash algorithm for received data
* specify the "dfu_hash_algo = disabled" at your board envs.
debug("%s: DFU hash method: %s\n", __func__, s ? s : "not specified");
if (!s || !strcmp(s, "crc32"))
return "crc32";
if (!strcmp(s, "disabled"))
return NULL; return NULL;
if (!strcmp(s, "crc32")) {
debug("%s: DFU hash method: %s\n", __func__, s);
return s;
error("DFU hash method: %s not supported!\n", s);
return NULL; return NULL;
} }
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