Commit 4839836a authored by Thomas Petazzoni's avatar Thomas Petazzoni Committed by Tom Rini
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tools: use pkg-config when available to get SSL flags

Instead of hardcoding -lssl -lcrypto as the flags needed to build
mkimage with FIT signature enabled, use pkg-config when
available. This allows to properly support cases where static linking
is used, which requires linking with -lz, since OpenSSL uses zlib

We gracefully fallback on the previous behavior of hardcoding -lssl
-lcrypto if pkg-config is not available or fails with an error.
Signed-off-by: default avatarThomas Petazzoni <>
parent af22ac66
......@@ -122,7 +122,8 @@ endif
# MXSImage needs LibSSL
HOSTLOADLIBES_mkimage += -lssl -lcrypto
HOSTLOADLIBES_mkimage += \
$(shell pkg-config --libs libssl libcrypto 2> /dev/null || echo "-lssl -lcrypto")
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