Commit 4a769ff7 authored by guoyin.chen's avatar guoyin.chen Committed by Jason Liu
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MA-10167 Add soc_type to be imx8mq to align the init.imx8mq.rc

It will be used by android init to load the init.imx8mq.rc

Change-Id: Id157cfe6952c9ccf4021d9098e25d9e9d545859f
Signed-off-by: default avatarguoyin.chen <>
parent 058a6b25
......@@ -1788,6 +1788,9 @@ void board_fastboot_setup(void)
} else if (is_imx8qxp()) {
if (!getenv("soc_type"))
setenv("soc_type", "imx8qxp");
} else if (is_imx8m()) {
if (!getenv("soc_type"))
setenv("soc_type", "imx8mq");
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