Commit 56a69ff8 authored by Kuldip Giroh's avatar Kuldip Giroh Committed by Kumar Gala
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powerpc/85xx: Added secure boot option for P2041RDB boards

Signed-off-by: default avatarKuldip Giroh <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarKumar Gala <>
parent d8fffa05
......@@ -668,6 +668,7 @@ P2020RDB-PC_36BIT_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freesca
P2020RDB-PC_36BIT_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p1_p2_rdb_pc freescale - p1_p2_rdb_pc:P2020RDB,36BIT,SPIFLASH
P2041RDB powerpc mpc85xx p2041rdb freescale
P2041RDB_SDCARD powerpc mpc85xx p2041rdb freescale - P2041RDB:RAMBOOT_PBL,SDCARD,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P2041RDB_SECURE_BOOT powerpc mpc85xx p2041rdb freescale - P2041RDB:SECURE_BOOT
P2041RDB_SPIFLASH powerpc mpc85xx p2041rdb freescale - P2041RDB:RAMBOOT_PBL,SPIFLASH,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
P3041DS powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale
P3041DS_NAND powerpc mpc85xx corenet_ds freescale - P3041DS:RAMBOOT_PBL,NAND,SYS_TEXT_BASE=0xFFF80000
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