Commit 6257a0b0 authored by Masahiro Yamada's avatar Masahiro Yamada
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ARM: uniphier: refactor DDR-PHY init code

The if-else statements for the frequency-dependent register settings
seem clumsy.  Moving them to arrays would make it cleaner.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMasahiro Yamada <>
parent 78876704
......@@ -4,31 +4,52 @@
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
#include <common.h>
#include <linux/err.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/io.h>
#include "ddrphy-regs.h"
enum dram_freq {
static u32 ddrphy_ptr0[DRAM_FREQ_NR] = {0x0a806844, 0x0c807d04};
static u32 ddrphy_ptr1[DRAM_FREQ_NR] = {0x208e0124, 0x2710015E};
static u32 ddrphy_ptr3[DRAM_FREQ_NR] = {0x0f051616, 0x12061A80};
static u32 ddrphy_ptr4[DRAM_FREQ_NR] = {0x06ae08d6, 0x08027100};
static u32 ddrphy_dtpr0[DRAM_FREQ_NR] = {0x85589955, 0x999cbb66};
static u32 ddrphy_dtpr1[DRAM_FREQ_NR] = {0x1a8363c0, 0x1a878400};
static u32 ddrphy_dtpr2[DRAM_FREQ_NR] = {0x5002c200, 0xa00214f8};
static u32 ddrphy_mr0[DRAM_FREQ_NR] = {0x00000b51, 0x00000d71};
static u32 ddrphy_mr2[DRAM_FREQ_NR] = {0x00000290, 0x00000298};
int ph1_ld4_ddrphy_init(struct ddrphy __iomem *phy, int freq, bool ddr3plus)
enum dram_freq freq_e;
u32 tmp;
writel(0x0300c473, &phy->pgcr[1]);
if (freq == 1333) {
writel(0x0a806844, &phy->ptr[0]);
writel(0x208e0124, &phy->ptr[1]);
} else {
writel(0x0c807d04, &phy->ptr[0]);
writel(0x2710015E, &phy->ptr[1]);
switch (freq) {
case 1333:
freq_e = DRAM_FREQ_1333M;
case 1600:
freq_e = DRAM_FREQ_1600M;
printf("unsupported DRAM frequency %d MHz\n", freq);
return -EINVAL;
writel(0x0300c473, &phy->pgcr[1]);
writel(ddrphy_ptr0[freq_e], &phy->ptr[0]);
writel(ddrphy_ptr1[freq_e], &phy->ptr[1]);
writel(0x00083DEF, &phy->ptr[2]);
if (freq == 1333) {
writel(0x0f051616, &phy->ptr[3]);
writel(0x06ae08d6, &phy->ptr[4]);
} else {
writel(0x12061A80, &phy->ptr[3]);
writel(0x08027100, &phy->ptr[4]);
writel(ddrphy_ptr3[freq_e], &phy->ptr[3]);
writel(ddrphy_ptr4[freq_e], &phy->ptr[4]);
writel(0xF004001A, &phy->dsgcr);
/* change the value of the on-die pull-up/pull-down registors */
......@@ -38,23 +59,12 @@ int ph1_ld4_ddrphy_init(struct ddrphy __iomem *phy, int freq, bool ddr3plus)
writel(tmp, &phy->dxccr);
writel(0x0000040B, &phy->dcr);
if (freq == 1333) {
writel(0x85589955, &phy->dtpr[0]);
writel(0x1a8363c0, &phy->dtpr[1]);
writel(0x5002c200, &phy->dtpr[2]);
writel(0x00000b51, &phy->mr0);
} else {
writel(0x999cbb66, &phy->dtpr[0]);
writel(0x1a878400, &phy->dtpr[1]);
writel(0xa00214f8, &phy->dtpr[2]);
writel(0x00000d71, &phy->mr0);
writel(ddrphy_dtpr0[freq_e], &phy->dtpr[0]);
writel(ddrphy_dtpr1[freq_e], &phy->dtpr[1]);
writel(ddrphy_dtpr2[freq_e], &phy->dtpr[2]);
writel(ddrphy_mr0[freq_e], &phy->mr0);
writel(0x00000006, &phy->mr1);
if (freq == 1333)
writel(0x00000290, &phy->mr2);
writel(0x00000298, &phy->mr2);
writel(ddrphy_mr2[freq_e], &phy->mr2);
writel(ddr3plus ? 0x00000800 : 0x00000000, &phy->mr3);
while (!(readl(&phy->pgsr[0]) & PGSR0_IDONE))
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