Commit 6442b71b authored by Peter Tyser's avatar Peter Tyser Committed by Kumar Gala
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85xx: Add PORBMSR and PORDEVSR shift defines

Add defines similar to those already used for the the 86xx architecture.
This will ease sharing of PCI code between the 85xx and 86xx

Signed-off-by: default avatarPeter Tyser <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarKumar Gala <>
parent 2f21ce4d
......@@ -1530,6 +1530,7 @@ typedef struct ccsr_gur {
uint porbmsr; /* 0xe0004 - POR boot mode status register */
#define MPC85xx_PORBMSR_HA 0x00070000
#define MPC85xx_PORBMSR_HA_SHIFT 16
uint porimpscr; /* 0xe0008 - POR I/O impedance status and control register */
uint pordevsr; /* 0xe000c - POR I/O device status regsiter */
#define MPC85xx_PORDEVSR_SGMII1_DIS 0x20000000
......@@ -1539,6 +1540,7 @@ typedef struct ccsr_gur {
#define MPC85xx_PORDEVSR_SRDS2_IO_SEL 0x38000000
#define MPC85xx_PORDEVSR_PCI1 0x00800000
#define MPC85xx_PORDEVSR_IO_SEL 0x00780000
#define MPC85xx_PORDEVSR_PCI2_ARB 0x00040000
#define MPC85xx_PORDEVSR_PCI1_ARB 0x00020000
#define MPC85xx_PORDEVSR_PCI1_PCI32 0x00010000
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