Commit 6706b115 authored by Codrin Ciubotariu's avatar Codrin Ciubotariu Committed by York Sun

net/vsc9953: Add driver for Vitesse VSC9953 L2 Switch IP

This patch adds a driver for VSC9953 L2 Switch. This Vitesse IP
is integrated in Freescale T1040 and T1020 SoCs.
The L2 switch has 10 Ethernet ports: 2 internal fixed-links
(ports 8 and 9) at 2.5 Gbps and and 8 external ports at 1 Gbps.
The external ports may be connected to PHYs over QSGMII and SGMII.

Commands have also been added to enable/disable a port and to
check a port's link speed, duplexity and status. The commands are:

ethsw port <port_nr> enable|disable - enable/disable an l2 switch port
ethsw port <port_nr> show - show an l2 switch port's configuration

port_nr=0..9; use "all" for all ports

For more detailse please see doc/README.t1040-l2switch
Signed-off-by: default avatarCodrin Ciubotariu <>
Acked-by: default avatarJoe Hershberger <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarYork Sun <>
parent 27b57569
This file contains information for VSC9953, a Vitesse L2 Switch IP
which is integrated in the T1040/T1020 Freescale SoCs.
About Device:
VSC9953 is an 8-port Gigabit Ethernet switch supports the following features:
- 8192 MAC addresses
- Static Address provisioning
- Dynamic learning of MAC addresses and aging
- 4096 VLANs
- Independent and shared VLAN learning (IVL, SVL)
- Policing with storm control and MC/BC protection
- IPv4 and IPv6 multicast
- Jumbo frames (9.6 KB)
- Access Control List
- VLAN editing, translation and remarking
- RMON counters per port
Switch interfaces:
- 8 Gigabit switch ports (ports 0 to 7) are external and are connected to external PHYs
- 2 switch ports (ports 8 and 9) of 2.5 G are connected (fixed links)
to FMan ports (FM1@DTSEC1 and FM1@DTSEC2)
Commands Overview:
Commands supported
- enable/disable a port
- check a port's link speed, duplexity and status.
Commands syntax
ethsw port <port_nr> enable|disable - enable/disable an l2 switch port
ethsw port <port_nr> show - show an l2 switch port's configuration
port_nr=0..9; use "all" for all ports
=> ethsw port all show
Port Status Link Speed Duplex
0 enabled down 10 half
1 enabled down 10 half
2 enabled down 10 half
3 enabled up 1000 full
4 disabled down - half
5 disabled down - half
6 disabled down - half
7 disabled down - half
8 enabled up 2500 full
9 enabled up 2500 full
......@@ -66,3 +66,4 @@ obj-$(CONFIG_XILINX_LL_TEMAC) += xilinx_ll_temac.o xilinx_ll_temac_mdio.o \
xilinx_ll_temac_fifo.o xilinx_ll_temac_sdma.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ZYNQ_GEM) += zynq_gem.o
obj-$(CONFIG_FSL_MC_ENET) += fsl_mc/
obj-$(CONFIG_VSC9953) += vsc9953.o
This diff is collapsed.
* vsc9953.h
* Driver for the Vitesse VSC9953 L2 Switch
* This software may be used and distributed according to the
* terms of the GNU Public License, Version 2, incorporated
* herein by reference.
* Copyright 2013 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
#ifndef _VSC9953_H_
#define _VSC9953_H_
#include <config.h>
#include <miiphy.h>
#include <asm/types.h>
#include <malloc.h>
#define VSC9953_SYS_OFFSET 0x010000
#define VSC9953_DEV_GMII_OFFSET 0x100000
#define VSC9953_QSYS_OFFSET 0x200000
#define VSC9953_ANA_OFFSET 0x280000
#define VSC9953_DEVCPU_GCB 0x070000
#define VSC9953_ES0 0x040000
#define VSC9953_IS1 0x050000
#define VSC9953_IS2 0x060000
#define T1040_SWITCH_GMII_DEV_OFFSET 0x010000
#define VSC9953_PHY_REGS_OFFST 0x0000AC
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_SOFT_SWC_RST_ENA 0x00000001
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_CORE_ENABLE 0x80
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_MEM_ENABLE 0x40
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_MEM_INIT 0x20
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_PORT_ENA 0x00003a00
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_MAC_ENA_CFG 0x00000011
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_MAC_MODE_CFG 0x00000011
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_MAC_IFG_CFG 0x00000515
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_MAC_HDX_CFG 0x00001043
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_CLOCK_CFG 0x00000001
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_CLOCK_CFG_1000M 0x00000001
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_PFC_FC 0x00000001
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_PFC_FC_QSGMII 0x00000000
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_MAC_FC_CFG 0x04700000
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_MAC_FC_CFG_QSGMII 0x00700000
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_PAUSE_CFG 0x001ffffe
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_TOT_TAIL_DROP_LVL 0x000003ff
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_FRONT_PORT_MODE 0x00000000
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_MAC_MAX_LEN 0x000005ee
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_VCAP_MV_CFG 0x0000ffff
#define CONFIG_VSC9953_VCAP_UPDATE_CTRL 0x01000004
#define VSC9953_MAX_PORTS 10
#define VSC9953_PORT_CHECK(port) \
(((port) < 0 || (port) >= VSC9953_MAX_PORTS) ? 0 : 1)
#define VSC9953_INTERNAL_PORT_CHECK(port) ( \
( \
(port) < VSC9953_MAX_PORTS - 2 || (port) >= VSC9953_MAX_PORTS \
) ? 0 : 1 \
#define MIIMIND_OPR_PEND 0x00000004
struct vsc9953_mdio_info {
struct vsc9953_mii_mng *regs;
char *name;
/* VSC9953 ANA structure for T1040 U-boot*/
struct vsc9953_ana_port {
u32 vlan_cfg;
u32 drop_cfg;
u32 qos_cfg;
u32 vcap_cfg;
u32 vcap_s1_key_cfg[3];
u32 vcap_s2_cfg;
u32 qos_pcp_dei_map_cfg[16];
u32 cpu_fwd_cfg;
u32 cpu_fwd_bpdu_cfg;
u32 cpu_fwd_garp_cfg;
u32 cpu_fwd_ccm_cfg;
u32 port_cfg;
u32 pol_cfg;
u32 reserved[34];
struct vsc9953_ana_pol {
u32 pol_pir_cfg;
u32 pol_cir_cfg;
u32 pol_mode_cfg;
u32 pol_pir_state;
u32 pol_cir_state;
u32 reserved1[3];
struct vsc9953_ana_ana_tables {
u32 entry_lim[11];
u32 an_moved;
u32 mach_data;
u32 macl_data;
u32 mac_access;
u32 mact_indx;
u32 vlan_access;
u32 vlan_tidx;
struct vsc9953_ana_ana {
u32 adv_learn;
u32 vlan_mask;
u32 anag_efil;
u32 an_events;
u32 storm_limit_burst;
u32 storm_limit_cfg[4];
u32 isolated_prts;
u32 community_ports;
u32 auto_age;
u32 mac_options;
u32 learn_disc;
u32 agen_ctrl;
u32 mirror_ports;
u32 emirror_ports;
u32 flooding;
u32 flooding_ipmc;
u32 sflow_cfg[11];
u32 port_mode[12];
struct vsc9953_ana_pgid {
u32 port_grp_id[91];
struct vsc9953_ana_pfc {
u32 pfc_cfg;
u32 reserved1[15];
struct vsc9953_ana_pol_misc {
u32 pol_flowc[10];
u32 reserved1[17];
u32 pol_hyst;
struct vsc9953_ana_common {
u32 aggr_cfg;
u32 cpuq_cfg;
u32 cpuq_8021_cfg;
u32 dscp_cfg;
u32 dscp_rewr_cfg;
u32 vcap_rng_type_cfg;
u32 vcap_rng_val_cfg;
u32 discard_cfg;
u32 fid_cfg;
struct vsc9953_analyzer {
struct vsc9953_ana_port port[11];
u32 reserved1[9536];
struct vsc9953_ana_pol pol[164];
struct vsc9953_ana_ana_tables ana_tables;
u32 reserved2[14];
struct vsc9953_ana_ana ana;
u32 reserved3[22];
struct vsc9953_ana_pgid port_id_tbl;
u32 reserved4[549];
struct vsc9953_ana_pfc pfc[10];
struct vsc9953_ana_pol_misc pol_misc;
u32 reserved5[196];
struct vsc9953_ana_common common;
/* END VSC9953 ANA structure for T1040 U-boot*/
/* VSC9953 DEV_GMII structure for T1040 U-boot*/
struct vsc9953_dev_gmii_port_mode {
u32 clock_cfg;
u32 port_misc;
u32 reserved1;
u32 eee_cfg;
struct vsc9953_dev_gmii_mac_cfg_status {
u32 mac_ena_cfg;
u32 mac_mode_cfg;
u32 mac_maxlen_cfg;
u32 mac_tags_cfg;
u32 mac_adv_chk_cfg;
u32 mac_ifg_cfg;
u32 mac_hdx_cfg;
u32 mac_fc_mac_low_cfg;
u32 mac_fc_mac_high_cfg;
u32 mac_sticky;
struct vsc9953_dev_gmii {
struct vsc9953_dev_gmii_port_mode port_mode;
struct vsc9953_dev_gmii_mac_cfg_status mac_cfg_status;
/* END VSC9953 DEV_GMII structure for T1040 U-boot*/
/* VSC9953 QSYS structure for T1040 U-boot*/
struct vsc9953_qsys_hsch {
u32 cir_cfg;
u32 reserved1;
u32 se_cfg;
u32 se_dwrr_cfg[8];
u32 cir_state;
u32 reserved2[20];
struct vsc9953_qsys_sys {
u32 port_mode[12];
u32 switch_port_mode[11];
u32 stat_cnt_cfg;
u32 eee_cfg[10];
u32 eee_thrs;
u32 igr_no_sharing;
u32 egr_no_sharing;
u32 sw_status[11];
u32 ext_cpu_cfg;
u32 cpu_group_map;
u32 reserved1[23];
struct vsc9953_qsys_qos_cfg {
u32 red_profile[16];
u32 res_qos_mode;
struct vsc9953_qsys_drop_cfg {
u32 egr_drop_mode;
struct vsc9953_qsys_mmgt {
u32 eq_cntrl;
u32 reserved1;
struct vsc9953_qsys_hsch_misc {
u32 hsch_misc_cfg;
u32 reserved1[546];
struct vsc9953_qsys_res_ctrl {
u32 res_cfg;
u32 res_stat;
struct vsc9953_qsys_reg {
struct vsc9953_qsys_hsch hsch[108];
struct vsc9953_qsys_sys sys;
struct vsc9953_qsys_qos_cfg qos_cfg;
struct vsc9953_qsys_drop_cfg drop_cfg;
struct vsc9953_qsys_mmgt mmgt;
struct vsc9953_qsys_hsch_misc hsch_misc;
struct vsc9953_qsys_res_ctrl res_ctrl[1024];
/* END VSC9953 QSYS structure for T1040 U-boot*/
/* VSC9953 SYS structure for T1040 U-boot*/
struct vsc9953_sys_stat {
u32 rx_cntrs[64];
u32 tx_cntrs[64];
u32 drop_cntrs[64];
u32 reserved1[6];
struct vsc9953_sys_sys {
u32 reset_cfg;
u32 reserved1;
u32 vlan_etype_cfg;
u32 port_mode[12];
u32 front_port_mode[10];
u32 frame_aging;
u32 stat_cfg;
u32 reserved2[50];
struct vsc9953_sys_pause_cfg {
u32 pause_cfg[11];
u32 pause_tot_cfg;
u32 tail_drop_level[11];
u32 tot_tail_drop_lvl;
u32 mac_fc_cfg[10];
struct vsc9953_sys_mmgt {
u16 free_cnt;
struct vsc9953_system_reg {
struct vsc9953_sys_stat stat;
struct vsc9953_sys_sys sys;
struct vsc9953_sys_pause_cfg pause_cfg;
struct vsc9953_sys_mmgt mmgt;
/* END VSC9953 SYS structure for T1040 U-boot*/
/* VSC9953 DEVCPU_GCB structure for T1040 U-boot*/
struct vsc9953_chip_regs {
u32 chipd_id;
u32 gpr;
u32 soft_rst;
struct vsc9953_gpio {
u32 gpio_out_set[10];
u32 gpio_out_clr[10];
u32 gpio_out[10];
u32 gpio_in[10];
struct vsc9953_mii_mng {
u32 miimstatus;
u32 reserved1;
u32 miimcmd;
u32 miimdata;
u32 miimcfg;
u32 miimscan_0;
u32 miimscan_1;
u32 miiscan_lst_rslts;
u32 miiscan_lst_rslts_valid;
struct vsc9953_mii_read_scan {
u32 mii_scan_results_sticky[2];
struct vsc9953_devcpu_gcb {
struct vsc9953_chip_regs chip_regs;
struct vsc9953_gpio gpio;
struct vsc9953_mii_mng mii_mng[2];
struct vsc9953_mii_read_scan mii_read_scan;
/* END VSC9953 DEVCPU_GCB structure for T1040 U-boot*/
/* VSC9953 IS* structure for T1040 U-boot*/
struct vsc9953_vcap_core_cfg {
u32 vcap_update_ctrl;
u32 vcap_mv_cfg;
struct vsc9953_vcap {
struct vsc9953_vcap_core_cfg vcap_core_cfg;
/* END VSC9953 IS* structure for T1040 U-boot*/
#define VSC9953_PORT_INFO_INITIALIZER(idx) \
{ \
.enabled = 0, \
.phyaddr = 0, \
.index = idx, \
.phy_regs = NULL, \
.bus = NULL, \
.phydev = NULL, \
/* Structure to describe a VSC9953 port */
struct vsc9953_port_info {
u8 enabled;
u8 phyaddr;
int index;
void *phy_regs;
phy_interface_t enet_if;
struct mii_dev *bus;
struct phy_device *phydev;
/* Structure to describe a VSC9953 switch */
struct vsc9953_info {
struct vsc9953_port_info port[VSC9953_MAX_PORTS];
void vsc9953_init(bd_t *bis);
void vsc9953_port_info_set_mdio(int port, struct mii_dev *bus);
void vsc9953_port_info_set_phy_address(int port, int address);
void vsc9953_port_enable(int port);
void vsc9953_port_disable(int port);
void vsc9953_port_info_set_phy_int(int port, phy_interface_t phy_int);
#endif /* _VSC9953_H_ */
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