Commit 6f0586e6 authored by Wang Dongsheng's avatar Wang Dongsheng Committed by York Sun
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armv7/ls102xa: Fix non-boot cpus cannot correctly fall in spin table

Bootrom will put cpus into WFE state when boot cpu release cpus, so
target cpu cannot correctly go to spin state.

Add 'sev' to wakeup non-boot cpu that hold on bootrom space, let target
cpu can fall into u-boot spin table.
Signed-off-by: default avatarWang Dongsheng <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarYork Sun <>
parent 933db81c
......@@ -344,5 +344,13 @@ void smp_kick_all_cpus(void)
struct ccsr_gur __iomem *gur = (void *)(CONFIG_SYS_FSL_GUTS_ADDR);
out_be32(&gur->brrl, 0x2);
* LS1 STANDBYWFE is not captured outside the ARM module in the soc.
* So add a delay to wait bootrom execute WFE.
asm volatile("sev");
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