Commit 77b95042 authored by Lukasz Majewski's avatar Lukasz Majewski Committed by Marek Vasut
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usb: f_dfu: cosmetic: Code cleanup

Code cleanup for dfu_bind_config function
Signed-off-by: default avatarLukasz Majewski <>
parent 33fac4a6
......@@ -755,8 +755,8 @@ static int dfu_bind_config(struct usb_configuration *c)
f_dfu->usb_function.unbind = dfu_unbind;
f_dfu->usb_function.set_alt = dfu_set_alt;
f_dfu->usb_function.disable = dfu_disable;
f_dfu->usb_function.strings = dfu_generic_strings,
f_dfu->usb_function.setup = dfu_handle,
f_dfu->usb_function.strings = dfu_generic_strings;
f_dfu->usb_function.setup = dfu_handle;
f_dfu->poll_timeout = DFU_DEFAULT_POLL_TIMEOUT;
status = usb_add_function(c, &f_dfu->usb_function);
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