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README: udate Coding Style description to current status quo

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......@@ -4479,9 +4479,7 @@ Coding Standards:
All contributions to U-Boot should conform to the Linux kernel
coding style; see the file "Documentation/CodingStyle" and the script
"scripts/Lindent" in your Linux kernel source directory. In sources
originating from U-Boot a style corresponding to "Lindent -pcs" (adding
spaces before parameters to function calls) is actually used.
"scripts/Lindent" in your Linux kernel source directory.
Source files originating from a different project (for example the
MTD subsystem) are generally exempt from these guidelines and are not
......@@ -4494,9 +4492,9 @@ in your code.
Please also stick to the following formatting rules:
- remove any trailing white space
- use TAB characters for indentation, not spaces
- use TAB characters for indentation and vertical alignment, not spaces
- make sure NOT to use DOS '\r\n' line feeds
- do not add more than 2 empty lines to source files
- do not add more than 2 consecutive empty lines to source files
- do not add trailing empty lines to source files
Submissions which do not conform to the standards may be returned
......@@ -4530,14 +4528,14 @@ it:
* For major contributions, your entry to the CREDITS file
* When you add support for a new board, don't forget to add this
board to the MAKEALL script, too.
board to the MAINTAINERS file, too.
* If your patch adds new configuration options, don't forget to
document these in the README file.
* The patch itself. If you are using git (which is *strongly*
recommended) you can easily generate the patch using the
"git-format-patch". If you then use "git-send-email" to send it to
"git format-patch". If you then use "git send-email" to send it to
the U-Boot mailing list, you will avoid most of the common problems
with some other mail clients.
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