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README.vxworks: add a document describing the new VxWorks boot interface

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From VxWorks 6.9+ (not include 6.9), VxWorks starts adopting device tree as its hardware
decription mechansim (for PowerPC and ARM), thus requiring boot interface changes.
This section will describe the new interface.
For PowerPC, the calling convention of the new VxWorks entry point conforms to the ePAPR standard,
which is shown below (see ePAPR for more details):
void (*kernel_entry)(fdt_addr,
0, 0, EPAPR_MAGIC, boot_IMA, 0, 0)
For ARM, the calling convention is show below:
void (*kernel_entry)(void *fdt_addr)
When booting new VxWorks kernel (uImage format), the parameters passed to bootm is like below:
bootm <kernel image address> - <device tree address>
The do_bootvx command still works as it was for older VxWorks kernels.
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