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Patch by Stefan Roese, 16 Dez 2004

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Changes since U-Boot 1.1.1:
* Patch by Stefan Roese, 16 Dez 2004:
- ext2fs support added
- Tundra universe support added
- Coldfire MCF5249 support added (no preloader needed!)
- MCF5249 board TASREG added
- PPC boards added: APC405, CPCI405DT, CPCI750, G2000, HH405,
VOM405, WUH405
- some esd boards updated
- memory commands "mdc" and "mwc" added for cyclic read/write
(CONFIG_MX_CYCLIC, see README for further description)
* Add support for INKA4X0 board
* Patch by Steven Scholz, 12 Dec 2004:
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