Commit 92a52cf6 authored by Leonard Crestez's avatar Leonard Crestez Committed by Jason Liu
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MLK-16560-1: imx8: Configure sids based on iommu properties in dtb

Use streamids specified in dtb because they need to match anyway. This
removes the need to rebuild uboot for stream id assignments.
Signed-off-by: default avatarLeonard Crestez <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarYe Li <>
Acked-by: default avatarPeng Fan <>
parent e1ac367e
...@@ -908,6 +908,86 @@ static void update_fdt_with_owned_resources(void *blob) ...@@ -908,6 +908,86 @@ static void update_fdt_with_owned_resources(void *blob)
} }
} }
static int get_srsc_from_fdt_node_power_domain(void *blob, int device_offset)
const fdt32_t *prop;
int pdnode_offset;
prop = fdt_getprop(blob, device_offset, "power-domains", NULL);
if (!prop) {
debug("node %s has no power-domains\n",
fdt_get_name(blob, device_offset, NULL));
return -ENOENT;
pdnode_offset = fdt_node_offset_by_phandle(blob, fdt32_to_cpu(*prop));
if (pdnode_offset < 0) {
error("failed to fetch node %s power-domain",
fdt_get_name(blob, device_offset, NULL));
return pdnode_offset;
return fdtdec_get_uint(blob, pdnode_offset, "reg", -ENOENT);
static int config_smmu_resource_sid(int rsrc, int sid)
sc_err_t err;
err = sc_rm_set_master_sid(gd->arch.ipc_channel_handle, rsrc, sid);
debug("set_master_sid rsrc=%d sid=0x%x err=%d\n", rsrc, sid, err);
if (err != SC_ERR_NONE) {
error("fail set_master_sid rsrc=%d sid=0x%x err=%d", rsrc, sid, err);
return -EINVAL;
return 0;
static int config_smmu_fdt_device_sid(void *blob, int device_offset, int sid)
int rsrc;
const char *name = fdt_get_name(blob, device_offset, NULL);
rsrc = get_srsc_from_fdt_node_power_domain(blob, device_offset);
debug("configure node %s sid 0x%x rsrc=%d\n", name, sid, rsrc);
if (rsrc < 0) {
debug("failed to determine SC_R_* for node %s\n", name);
return rsrc;
return config_smmu_resource_sid(rsrc, sid);
/* assign master sid based on iommu properties in fdt */
static int config_smmu_fdt(void *blob)
int offset, proplen;
const fdt32_t *prop;
const char *name;
offset = 0;
while ((offset = fdt_next_node(blob, offset, NULL)) > 0)
name = fdt_get_name(blob, offset, NULL);
prop = fdt_getprop(blob, offset, "iommus", &proplen);
if (!prop)
debug("node %s iommus proplen %d\n", name, proplen);
if (proplen == 12) {
int sid = fdt32_to_cpu(prop[1]);
config_smmu_fdt_device_sid(blob, offset, sid);
} else if (proplen != 4) {
debug("node %s ignore unexpected iommus proplen=%d\n", name, proplen);
return 0;
int ft_system_setup(void *blob, bd_t *bd) int ft_system_setup(void *blob, bd_t *bd)
{ {
...@@ -921,6 +1001,9 @@ int ft_system_setup(void *blob, bd_t *bd) ...@@ -921,6 +1001,9 @@ int ft_system_setup(void *blob, bd_t *bd)
#endif #endif
update_fdt_with_owned_resources(blob); update_fdt_with_owned_resources(blob);
return 0; return 0;
} }
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