Commit 96c9745f authored by Stefano Babic's avatar Stefano Babic Committed by Albert ARIBAUD
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ARM: versatilepb : drop warnings due to double definitions

CONFIG_ARCH_VERSATILE_PB  is defined twice - drop
the define from config.h.
Signed-off-by: default avatarStefano Babic <>
parent f89f6109
......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ voiceblue arm arm925t
omap1510inn arm arm925t - ti
integratorap_cm926ejs arm arm926ejs integrator armltd - integratorap
integratorcp_cm926ejs arm arm926ejs integrator armltd - integratorcp
versatileqemu arm arm926ejs versatile armltd versatile versatile:ARCH_VERSATILE_QEMU
versatileqemu arm arm926ejs versatile armltd versatile versatile:ARCH_VERSATILE_QEMU,ARCH_VERSATILE_PB
versatilepb arm arm926ejs versatile armltd versatile versatile:ARCH_VERSATILE_PB
versatileab arm arm926ejs versatile armltd versatile versatile:ARCH_VERSATILE_AB
aspenite arm arm926ejs - Marvell armada100
......@@ -39,10 +39,6 @@
#define CONFIG_VERSATILE 1 /* in Versatile Platform Board */
#define CONFIG_ARCH_VERSATILE 1 /* Specifically, a Versatile */
#define CONFIG_ARCH_VERSATILE_PB /* Versatile PB is default */
#define CONFIG_SYS_MEMTEST_END 0x10000000
#define CONFIG_SYS_HZ (1000000 / 256)
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